About Dr. Mitch

Mitchell W. Robin, Ph.D. (a.k.a.         Dr. Mitch) is a Licensed Psychologist, and a Professor Emeritus at New York City Technical College, CUNY. He received his clinical training at the world renowned Albert Ellis Institute (formerly known as the Institute for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) where he was under the direct supervision of Albert Ellis the "grandfather" of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He is a Fellow of the Institute and serves as a member of the Institute's Training and Supervisory Faculty.Until Dr. Ellis' death he was also a regular leader of the Institute's ongoing Friday Night public forum, "Problems in Everyday Living."

He has pioneered the use of R. E. B. T. with actors and other performers. His innovative techniques are described in "Overcoming Performance Anxiety: Using RET with Actors, Artists, ..." in "Innovations in Rational-Emotive Therapy", edited by Windy Dryden &; Larry Hill (Sage Publications, 1993), and in "Performance Anxiety: Overcoming your fears...", (Adams Publications, 1995).

In addition to his work in the area of performance anxiety Dr. Robin is the author or co-author of over 50 publications/ presentations at major national and international professional conferences. His wide ranging interests include Anger measurement & control, the effectiveness of REBT with culturally diverse clients, the compatibility of REBT with the Judeo-Christian ethical system, the effectiveness of REBT in Pastoral counseling (his interest, along with that of his colleague Steve Johnson, in working with clients on their religious/spiritual issues led to the development of the first Pastoral Counseling Practicum to be held at the Albert Ellis Institute.).

Dr Robin's biography is listed in "Who's Who in the East," 19th - 24th Editions; among other Marquis publications. Dr. Robin is a member of the following professional organizations: APA, NACBT - Dipolmate, National Anger Management Assoc. - Diplomate, AABT - Co-Chairperson (co-founder) of the first SIG on REBT Reserch and Practice.

On a lighter note - Since 1974, Dr. Mitch has appeared on hundreds of Radio and Television shows and has either directed or acted in over 200 productions for Community Theater groups. As a director he developed a reputation both for tackling the larger works that many directors avoid, (e.g., Cyrano de Bergerac, Inherit the Wind, and Threepenny Opera); as well as smaller comic works (e.g., Lovers and Other Strangers, and 1000 Clowns). His experience as an actor ranges from Pozzo (Waiting for Godot), and The Devil (Don Juan in Hell) to the Judge (Gilbert & Sullivan's Trial by Jury), and Mushnick (Little Shop of Horrors). He still experiences stress prior to every performance, but he has learned to look forward to the experience.