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 Psychology Sites
For Professionals
APA - Psychology
Behavior Online

REBT Sites
Albert Ellis Institute
Psicoterapia Racional Emotiva (Peru)
NZ Centre for REBT

Free Online Journals
Journal of Online Behavior
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication
Sports Psychology
OnLine Journal of REBT
Classics in History of Psych.
1500 Online Journals
Pragmatic Case Studies

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  Mental Health
REBT Sites
Albert Ellis Institute
REBT Pamphlet of the Month
Smart Recovery
Helpful Handouts
Panic Attacks - Personal Story

Public Information
NIMH - For the Public
At Health - Mental Health
Medscape - Psychiatry
Topics in Psychology
Mental Health Articles
Self Help HQ

Social Phobia
PTSD Caregivers & Survivors
Dr. Mitch on PTSD at
Phobics Society (UK)

Depression & Bipolar
Suicide Hotlines
Why Call A Hotline?

 Faculty & Students
Faculty Resources
Center for Psych Resources (Athabasca U)

Student Resources
APA Student Information
Psi Chi Honor Society
CUNY WriteSite
APA Style Crib Sheet
OWL APA Style Sheet
OWL MLA Style Sheet
Citing Internet & Electronic Sources
Study Skills Review

Psychology Sites
History of Psychology(HOP)
HOP Timeline
Today in HOP
Classics in HOP
HOP Gateway
HOP Links Page

General Psychology
Virtual Psychology Classroom
Optical Illusions
Find Articles on a Variety of Topics
Psychological Science

Other Interesting Sites
Air America Radio
Planned Parenthood Assoc.
CSPI - Nutrition Action
The Artchive

Zen Stories
  Just for Fun
Ellis' Rational Humorous Songs
An Intriguing Card Trick
"Think of a number"
Musuem of Hoaxes

Artificial Intellegence
Chatterbots - Chatterbots have come a long way since Eliza. But, can they pass the Turing Test?
The Turing Test
Meet Eliza (a Rogerian bot)
An Essay About Eliza
Meet A.L.I.C.E.
The ChatterBox
Simon Laven's Page

Essay Generators - These create interesting, grammatically correct, gibberish.
The Essay Generator
Postmodernism Generator
Computer Science Generator

See More TRUE cartoons by Daryl Cagle
WCBCT, Kobe, Japan, 2004
Downloadable Files
Dr. Mitch's Homework/ Self-Help Form (v1)Dr. Mitch's Decision/ Hedonic Calculus Worksheet
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Download Dr. Mitchagoss's Song Spoofs
"I am the Very Model of a Cognitive Behaviorist!""Christmas Blues is Getting to Me.""I am Unworthy!"
Irrational Love Songs - or is that redundant?"The 12 Days of Depression"